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Can I project portrait images?

    You can project portrait images (portrait mode) by rotating the projector 90 degrees horizontally.

    Face the front of the projector and rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise for the VPL-FH31, or 90 degrees anti-clockwise or clockwise for the VPL-FHZ55, FHZ57, FHZ58, FHZ60, FHZ61, FHZ65, FHZ66, FHZ70, FHZ75, FHZ90(L), FHZ120(L), FHZ700(L), FWZ60, and FWZ65.

    Note that you need to leave some clearance above and below the projector when installing the projector.
    Note that air filter auto-cleaning is not performed while the projector is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise (air filter facing upwards) for models equipped with that function.