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  • 3D Glasses for VPL-VW90ES Projector

    I have finally got round to finishing my home cinema with a VPL-VW90ES projector, and I want to get 3D glasses for all the family so we can enjoy some 3D films over Christmas.  The glasses which came...

  • VPL-VW100

    i had a power cut since then the signal input shows  a x  on all possible inputs projector turns on lights up  all good is this a easy fix ? projector quiet old VPL-VW100 any help please

  • Sony VPL-CX85 Not powering on

    Hi All, I recently lent my VPL-CX85 to a friend for an art show she was putting on and despite telling them not to unplug it before it running the shutdown process they unplugged it without switching...