Firmware Update for CD/DVD Drive (Pioneer DVD-119)

This program will update Firmware on the following VAIO Desktop models running Windows XP:

  • PCV-RX401(equipped with Pioneer DVD-119)
  • PCV-RX417(equipped with Pioneer DVD-119)
  • PCV-RX402(equipped with Pioneer DVD-119)

This Firmware update will solve the following issues:

  • Sometimes CD- or DVD-media is not well recognized.


  • Do not shutdown the unit while the Firmware update procedure is in progress.
  • Do not stop the Firmware update procedure while in progress.
  • Not following any of the above, could severely damage your computer!!

Is my system equipped with a Pioneer DVD-119?

  1. ClickStartand right-clickMy Computer.
  2. ClickProperties.
  3. Click theHardwaretab and then clickDevice Manager.
  4. Select theDVD/CD-ROMdrives.
  5. Find now whichDVD-ROMdrive you have.
  6. IfPioneer DVD-ROM DVD-119Rappears in the list, please use this patch.
  7. If the above does not appear in the list, this patch does not apply.

Download and Upgrade instructions

  1. Download the fileFWU_DVD119.exeto a download folder.
  2. Close all the applications.
  3. Go to the directory where the file is downloaded and double-clickFirmware Update Pioneer DVD-119.exeto extract it.
  4. Click theInstallbutton - This will start the extraction of the files to the path mentioned.
  5. The Firmware Upgrade Utility will start automatically after extraction process.
  6. A screen will appear : 1 target device(s) is found. Do you want to update all drives ?
  7. Click theYesbutton. This will start the upgrade process.
  8. When the process ends a screen will appear :Upgrade operation is completed.
  9. ClickOKto finish.
  10. In case of a different CD-drive (different from Pioneer DVD-119). a screen will appear:Available target is not found.
  11. ClickOKto finish.

Special note

If the CD/DVD drive in the unit is already equipped with the latest firmware, when executing the update the screen will appear: 0drive(s) have been updated successfully, just click OK to finish.

Podrobnosti souboru

Název souboru

  • FWU_DVD119.EXE

Architektura souboru

  • 32 bit

Velikost souboru

  • 288 Kb

Datum uvedení

  • 21-11-2002