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    Starting Creators' App (Home)

    1. On your smartphone, launch Creators' App.
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    2. Perform the desired operation.
      • Once you launch the Creators' App, the following screen is displayed.
      • Available features vary by country or region. The corresponding items may not be displayed.
      The home screen of the application. A, B, and C are at the top of the screen from left to right, followed by D, E, F, and G arranged down the center and H at the very bottom.
      • A. Uploading status: Tap to view the uploading history.
      • B. Notifications: Displays notifications.
      • C. User Information: Shows User Information and App/Service information. Some examples are shown below. Some items may not be available and the corresponding items may not be displayed, depending on your country or region, your camera, and your sign-in status.
        [My Studio]
        When signed in to Creators' Cloud, My Studio of Discover is displayed. (Refer to "Using Discover")
        You can change your subscription plan and increase the storage capacity for a fee. (Refer to "Tell me how and where I can sign up for or change a storage plan.")
        You can upload LUTs for video color adjustment to the cloud and manage them in a list view. You can also import the desired LUT to the camera.
        You can obtain various licenses and install them on the camera.
      • D. Connected camera: Displays cameras connected by the Bluetooth function. You can change the camera name from [Edit Device Name] on the menu of the camera.
      • E. Imported Images: Displays images imported into the Creators' App.
      • F. Images in the Cloud: Shows images uploaded to Creators' Cloud.
      • G. Recommended app: Shows apps recommended for you.
      • H. Switch screens: Appearance varies depending on the smartphone used.
        • (Home)
        • (Cameras) : You can perform remote operations of the camera, and view images that are on the camera.
        • (Storage) : You can view images imported to Creators' App or uploaded to the cloud.
        • (Discover) : On this website, you can interact with other content creators.
    • Allow access to all photos if a message appears when you start Creators' App that asks for access to your photos. You should also approve use of location information (e.g.: Set precise location information to On).